Beauvoir School Playground – *2021

Beauvoir School Playground – The playground at Beauvoir School, just west of Washington, DC is like many other schools with a wide variety of options and facilities. The playground equipment is part of the special education program that the school offers. In the following paragraphs, we describe some of the activities that can be found there. We also provide a brief list of the equipment and supplies you may need.

Beauvoir School Playground – There are several different activities that can be found in the playground area. One of these includes the playground equipment known as the slides. There are two sizes of slides, one that goes up a set of stairs and one that is placed in a tree stand style. These slides can be used to jump from the top of the slides to the ground below. Small children can use the slides to swing from side to side, and an older child can use them to smash a ball into a net.

Beauvoir School Playground - *2021 PlayGround Ideas

Another activity found in the playground at Beauvoir School is a picnic area. This area provides kids with an opportunity to interact with each other while enjoying a nice lunch. There is a concession stand just outside of the picnic area where you can purchase hot dogs, hamburgers, and soft drinks. There are benches located near the swings where kids can sit down to rest and eat their lunch.

On occasion, children find themselves running around in the neighborhood in the summertime, especially on days when there is no basketball court available. In order to remedy this situation, the school installed a tennis court on the playground. The tennis courts are usually free, but students who show their parents the slip they get for practicing on the courts will be given a free tennis lesson. This is a great way for children to develop their tennis skills without the added pressure that comes with playing basketball on a hardwood court.

One of the biggest concerns parents have regarding sports facilities and recreational playgrounds are the safety of their children. The playground at Beauvoir School features a rubber surface, which has been proven to reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Other parents are concerned about safety on the basketball courts because they do not feature an extra layer of safety. Parents were happy to know that the playground at Beauvoir is made out of a rubber surface and that it is very safe to play on.

If you live in Beauvoir, MD, and are looking for a great place to bring your kids for a day or two of free fun, the playground at Beauvoir School can be your location. There are always events held at the park, as well as picnic tables and benches for you and your kids to use. You can also take advantage of the many other recreational activities that are held at the local park. Whatever you decide, you are sure to enjoy spending time at the local park with your children.

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