Eisenhower Park Playground In New York

Eisenhower Park Playground – ESEXIS – The New York State Parks and Recreation Department have developed ESEXIS – East Side playground to be a safe place for all families to enjoy nature’s beauty. Located at intersections of busy roads and residential communities it offers a picturesque setting of natural splendor. The playground equipment is provided by a company called Play-Rite. Playground equipment is made by many companies including Play-Rite, Whirlpool, Traverse, Strathwood, Beanbags and many more.

Eisenhower Park Playground – Grownups looking for great places to bring their kids can trust Play-Rite because it has been providing quality playgrounds and other outdoor facilities to residential communities. It has several Eisenhower park playgrounds which are made specifically for kids. These playgrounds are made of high-quality steel and you will surely love how your children will enjoy playing here. All these playgrounds are well-equipped with toys, slides, climbing frames, monkey bars, exercise bikes, tunnel systems, and a lot more. You will never run out of choices if you choose this company.

Eisenhower Park Playground In New York PlayGround Ideas

It is a fact that Play-Rite playgrounds are made of solid steel so you can always be assured that your child will have a safe playtime. This is the reason why it has been able to obtain a state license to provide quality playground facilities. In the past, Play-Rite was being offered only to city parks but now it is also available to private entities. Now you can find Play-Rite playgrounds in state parks and country clubs.

The Play-Rite website shows several testimonials from parents who have already acquired their playgrounds from them. Apart from the great reviews, this company has also been able to secure contracts with several private institutions. It is because Play-Rite is very reasonable when it comes to pricing and they are very prompt in their delivery. Furthermore, they provide their customers with certified professionals who will be very helpful to them. They are the ones who will install and set everything up.

What is great about the Play-Rite Company is that they are always making sure that their products will conform to the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you visit their website you will see that they have several options which are designed especially for those who are having disabilities. They provide wheelchair accessibility as well as adapted play spaces. Moreover, this company ensures that the children will be safe and will never be in danger of being hurt by other people. So if you are looking for an accessible playground then you should definitely consider Play-Rite.

If you are looking for an ideal place for your kids in which you can spend some quality time, then you should certainly consider the new playground, which is located at Eisenhower Park in New York. This park has a great range of different features for both kids and parents. You will find climbing frames, swings, monkey bars, trampolines, slides, and a whole lot of other great things to do. Apart from these features, there are also picnic tables, inflatable games, basketball courts, and a number of other things for you to enjoy as you spend time at this park. The inclusive playgrounds offered by this company are also very convenient because they provide all the equipment and supplies that you need.

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