Picariello Playground Preschool – Creates a Nature-Based Learning Environment

Picariello Playground Preschool – Picariello preschool is a great place to explore the educational benefits of play, nature, and imagination. The beautiful setting of this New Jersey preschool has been designed around the values of values and creativity. Here, kids can experience the fun and excitement as they play on the playground, learn about nature by being outdoors, and take part in the many programs that explore the importance of friendship.

Picariello Playground Preschool – This preschool provides a fun environment for children to learn and to be inspired. Located in Monmouth County in southern NJ, the location is ideal for families with children aged three to eight. There are two playgrounds located in the center of the facility, one located on the main playground and one located on the second playground. Both of these playgrounds contain playground equipment that allows different types of activities for kids of all ages. In addition, the two locations offer a variety of outdoor activities like the Nature Playground, a series of nature trails, a pond with fish and other wildlife, and an electronic animal farm.

Picariello Playground Preschool - Creates a Nature-Based Learning Environment PlayGround Ideas

Picariello Playground Preschool – The environment at Pincarello is designed around the values of unity, compassion, and respect. It is a place where children are loved and nurtured while learning important life skills. At Picariello, families do not need to be divided by distance to have meaningful conversations with each other. This is because there is a total of twenty-one individually decorated classrooms, each with its own set of tables, chairs, music, and computer stations.

Each classroom is equipped with a desk, two or three chairs, a printer and copier, a microwave, a garden table, and an assortment of children’s books. Additionally, there is always a child’s backpack stashed in a desk drawer. The entire environment is designed to encourage kids to use their imagination and creativity while developing critical thinking and social awareness. Many of the natural play items found at Pincarello were donated to the community from various homes across the tri-state area, as well as from other countries. As such, there are some very environmentally friendly toys and activities available at the Picariello Preschool.

In the preschool’s Natural World program, children work with biological scientist, who is responsible for maintaining the earth’s delicate balance of ecosystems. The preschoolers will take a field trip to the Botanical Gardens of Belize, where they will work side by side with an experienced ecologist. In doing so, they will learn how plants grow, what food types exist on different planets, and how animals are related to one another. Throughout the day, the children will also enjoy a visit to Belize’s underwater flora and fauna galleries. On Belize, children will have the opportunity to handle stingrays, turtles, tropical fish, and sharks.

The play area at the Picariello Preschool is large enough to accommodate an entire class of children at once. There are also large areas of natural grass that kids can explore. This playground equipment is designed to withstand heavy downpours of water as well as strong winds. Along with the grass area, there are also areas for climbing, walking, and sitting. All of these pieces of equipment work together to create a cohesive environment that invites children to interact with each other and learn more about nature.

A large portion of the day is spent in the larger natural science lab. Here, kids can see how plants grow, how animals make use of the sun and oxygen, how wind moves air, and how the soil acts to hold the water in place. As kids play in the lab, they can experiment with their favorite elements and see how they react. By playing with natural elements, the kids are able to understand how nature works and can gain a better understanding of environmental science in general.

The other major part of the day at Pincarello Preschool is to go on a nature walk. Here, kids will be encouraged to take a little walk and discover the wonders of nature. At the end of the walk, kids will have a chance to get some snacks from the concessions situated around the Preschool. This allows preschoolers to enjoy some refreshment while exploring new and exciting things happening around them in the natural world.

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